The Calling Card on the Character of Jesus

AUTHENTICITY, VULNERABILITY, COMPASSION: these a number of advantage – like all gain – concern to actual reality. The calling card during the character pictures of jesus is real fact. All who recognise Jesus as Saviour, Lord and King are seekers and recognisers of reality (John eighteen:37). Reality is strictly what sets the believer apart inside of their belief. Those who are nonetheless blind only cannot see point, and we’ve been all occasionally deluded.

The calling card from the character of Jesus – notwithstanding his perfection – is, for us, authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion. They’re stable comparators during the Lord latest in us via the Holy Spirit.


Jesus may be the distinct expression of God’s mom mother nature; he expresses the exceptionally character of God. The Greek term for Jesus getting the precise likeness of God in Hebrews 1:three will likely be the word, “character.”

If we epitomise the character of Jesus – adhering as handiest we’ll to expressing his likeness to God – a inspiration to become an actual disciple every day in a time – then we accumulate the concept that we have now being wed to truth. And even if reality is farthest from remaining summary, it unquestionably turns into considerably also abstract from our subjective come upon of existence.

We’d like a single point supplemental tangible if we’re to goal being the exact expression of God’s character.

For this reason we quit doing the job the virtues of authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion. Jesus expert these in copious volume. If we have been characterised sort of as champions of authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion, then we characterize, approximately, the reality. We’ve been organized to ‘give ourselves up’ during the quest for any much better best.


It’s going to take braveness to be susceptible and in addition the effect is authenticity. Each of those replicate our willingness to dwell over and above dread, dedicated to fact of the make any difference.

A softening has happened in only our hearts – a managed and sustained softness – to exemplify compassion. Truth is represented by compassion in that everybody justifies thought and dignity. Right after we realise lifetime is not only and only about us, we’ve been all set for being compassionate.

To ask and accept and embrace susceptible authenticity in someone else is always to be compassionate more than enough they know they’re able being. What a gift to shower on any individual!

Essential safety is implicit in these a number of – authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion. Any time we’re courageous ample to become legitimate and compassionate ample to allow other people today for getting prone, proudly owning modelled vulnerability ourselves, we have acquired legitimate interactions and associations are a blessing.