10 clever ways to use a nail file

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6) Rub any rusty tools with sandpaper and use a nail file to get at the hard-to-reach areas

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7) Scrub dry skin on your feet with a nail file

This is ideal for small areas of dryness that need extra care, and it is gentler than a pumice stone.

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8) If you have glue on your hands, a nail file will quickly get rid of it

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9) A simple technique for removing pilling from clothes

Use a nail file to remove the pilling, and give the garment a rub of a lint roller to remove the fluff afterwards.

Find other surprising uses for lint rollers here, and other techniques for removing pilling from clothes in this article.

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee

10) Do you need an extra sharp point on your eyeliner or lipliner? Use a nail file to sharpen it.

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