10 questions to help you de-clutter your home

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Are your drawers and presses full to bursting point, while objects are piling up on your shelves? They may be useless objects that you are holding on to, endlessly repeating the phrase “just in case” to yourself. These three little words can make you hold on to a stash of unimportant clutter, which we talked to you about in a previous article on doing a Spring clear out. In fact, because we don’t have the time, the motivation or simply haven’t taken a step back, we can often find ourselves surrounded by broken, disused objects that are only taking up space, while we may even have already replaced them with newer better models, but just can’t let go of the old ones. 

When we find these objects in our paths, we tend to turn a blind eye and tell ourselves we’ll look after it later, without even considering that there might be someone who would be glad of them. So why not make the most of a rainy day when there is nothing else much going on to start your de-cluttering project! To help you out, ask yourself the following questions. Answer honestly and get ready to take action!

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If the answer to any of these questions indicates that you don’t need to hold on to it, either decide to sell it online, give it to a charity shop or put it in the bin.