10 simple tips for adding volume to your hair

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4) Try out the surfer look

Credits: fromlutece

With a spray that creates a ‘beach hair’ effect, add some texture and life, working it in well with your fingers.

5) Try out Epsom salts

Mix your conditioner with Espom salts (in equal parts) and apply it to your hair after shampooing. Leave it in for around twenty minutes and rinse it out well.

6) Cornstarch

Credits : Mudd1 / Wikimedia Commons

Sometimes, it’s the oils in our hair that make it look flat. But you don’t necessarily need to wash it: a quick freshening up around the roots will leave your hair cleaner and with more volume. Cornstarch can effectively absorb oil and you can use it as a volumising dry shampoo.

7) Change your routine

If you always keep your parting on the same side, your hair can settle into a comfortable, flat routine! Change the side of your parting every two or three days to make sure your hair doesn’t always sit in the same position.