10 tips to help you look better in photos

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Sometimes, we have ourselves all dolled up, our hair is carefully done and we’re wearing our favourite new clothes, but somehow, the minute we are on camera, we transform into a fat potato! It seems that the camera just doesn’t want to bring out the best in us: dark circles, a little protruding tummy, and other imperfections seem to want to take centre stage in our selfies. But don’t worry, it’s just the camera that isn’t doing you justice. Here are a few tips to help make sure all your photos are a success, and to help you look your best in your photos. Make looking back through your photo memories a real pleasure! 

1) Look after your skin

If you are going to have close up shots, your face will be centre stage in the photo, and thus you need to look after your skin. This means using treatments adapted to your skin type (so as to ensure your skin isn’t too dull or shiny). Naturally, a good daily skin care routine will come out in your photos: proper cleansing, moisturising, toning and occasional exfoliation are the doctor’s orders!

For a quick skin touch up, dab some mattifying paper on any oily areas.

Finally, if you are wearing makeup, make sure to choose the right foundation shade for your skin tone, as shades that are too dark can age you, and shades that are too light can give your skin a greyish appearance. Spread out the foundation over your ears, neck and cleavage if necessary -lines are never in fashion!

2) Don’t look at the camera head on

A camera transposes 3D into 2D images. Therefore it is no surprise that we appear ’rounder’ in photos, as the shapes have been flattened and compressed. The only way to prevent this effect is to turn slightly to the side, so that the light is used to your advantage and refines your features. And if you never know where to look, fix your gaze just above the camera lens, to make sure you don’t look half asleep.

3) Strike a relaxed and natural pose

The worst thing that can happen is that your photos look staged and tense, giving you the air of being constipated! To avoid this, be natural, avoid making a mental inventory of all your (imaginary) faults, and try to smile normally. In terms of posture, the same goes: relax! In everyday life, it’s only robots that hold their arms straight down by their sides. Stay flexible and relaxed, and bend your joints a little to look more natural and at ease.

4) Avoid shots taken from a low angle view

5) Know your best angle -we all have one!

In order to find out what yours is, you simple need to take a few snaps of yourself and compare! If you find it hard to decide, be aware that according to one study, most people’s best side is their left.