10 tips to make doing laundry less of a chore

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Is your laundry basket spilling over, and you just can’t face the enormity of the task? Fortunately, we have a few tips to make your life easier!

1/ Use shaving foam on makeup stains


Squirt a little shaving foam (not gel) onto the stain that you would like to remove and wait around ten minutes. With the help of a light coloured cloth (ideally white), delicately remove the shaving foam from your garment, and pop it in the machine.

2/ Use talcum powder for grease stains


Grease stains are often the most difficult to remove. Cover the stain with talc. Allow two hours for the talc to absorb the grease, and dust it off before putting the garment in the washing machine.

3/ Use bicarbonate of soda or lemon for underarm stains


For sweat stains in the armpits, apply a mix of lemon juice and water. If the stains persist, make a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and water, apply it to the stain and leave it to work for about an hour. Whichever mixture you are using, next put the garment in the machine.

4/ Use white vinegar as a fabric softener


Add a half a cup of white vinegar to your detergent, and put the whole lot into the detergent compartment in the machine drawer.

5/ Save money by making your own detergent


Making your own detergent allows you to use the money you would have spent on detergent on something else, or to save around a hundred euros a year. Using a natural detergent is also better for the environment. Find a recipe here for an organic lavender detergent, for example.