10 tips to make doing laundry less of a chore

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6/ Use a washing net


Pop certain items into a net before they go in the machine, in order to keep all your socks or underwear together for example, ensuring you never again lose them in the machine, and making your life easier when you are hanging out the clothes later on.

7/ Remove bad odours from a pair of jeans


If you think that your jeans are not dirty enough to need a wash, or if you simply don’t have the time or the motivation to do so, even if they don’t smell great, you can simply place them in your freezer. This technique will get rid of bad odours, although it doesn’t mean the jeans are clean -it simply delays having to wash them.

8/ Use tin foil to combat electric static


Place a ball of tin foil, about 10 cm in diameter, into your tumble dryer, in order to remove electric static from the clothes inside.

9/ Make a list of things that don’t go in the dryer


If you can never remember which clothes you need to avoid putting in the tumble dryer (or the ones that absolutely can’t go in there), you can use a whiteboard marker to write a list on the tumble dryer, or on a sheet of paper that you stick to the door.

10/ Use ice cubes for wrinkled clothes


While your wrinkled clothes are in the hot tumble dryer, pop a few ice cubes in with them. When you take them out, your clothes will be less wrinkled, which will save you a few precious minutes when it comes to ironing!


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