10 types of teas to keep you in excellent health

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One of the best ways to give yourself a little boost is to brew yourself a hot drink, for a dose of heat and comfort. And if this little moment to yourself involves your favourite tea, it only gets better, as it hydrates your body at the same time! And as well as heating you up, various teas are full to the brim of beneficial properties that help keep you in good health in both the short and long term. 

It is no accident that at the first sign of a problem, most people reach for the kettle! Whether it’s to treat skin problems, pain (body aches, head aches), anxiety, stress or other ailments as numerous as they are varied (digestive problems, insomnia, etc.), you can create your own little aromatic pharmacy cabinet in your kitchen! However, it is easy to get a little lost among all the choice that is available, so here is a selection of 10 of the best, and their uses. How better to start your collection!

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And you, what are your own favourite teas and infusions? And why?

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