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10 unsual but brilliant uses for toothpaste

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Thought your toothpaste was just a tool for maintaining a healthy smile and make you eligible for kisses ? Well, guess again because toothpaste is definitively an oldy but a goody for loads of different uses and some people just can’t seem to stop using it in their skincare routine or on daily basis to wash and maintain objects in their house. It is such an inexpensive, effective and basic product that it is perfect! Here are 10 useful uses amongst the best that you REALLY have to try out.

1) In your kitchen or in your bathroom


It can strip and remove incrustations from plastic containers, bottles, seals, silverware, sinks, shower screens and so on. You only need to use an old toothbrush to apply it onto the area and let it set for about 5 minutes. Them rub it a little and rinse it off with a cloth.

2) On scratches


After hours of listening, your favorite Daniel O’Donnell CD got a few scratches ? Well, here is a great tip that also does wonders on screens mobile phones and so on. Massage gently the area with a cotton cloth and toothpaste. Then wipe with a clean cloth.

3) On your iron


We never really know how to keep it clean and maintain it. But it is pretty easy with a damp cloth and a little bit of toothpaste rubbed gently on the soleplate. Finish off by using a clean cloth to remove any trace.

4) On your fireplace window


Use a cloth or newspaper to rub toothpaste onto the window. Let it set a few minutes and rinse off any trace with a clean cloth.