10 ways to re-use silica gel sachets

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We often find these little sachets in the box when we buy new shoes, but it’s not uncommon to find them among other purchases (clothes, handbags, etc.). They are simply there to absorb humidity and thus preserve the objects inside the wrapping. Once we know what they are for, this opens up the possibilities for plenty of ways to re-use them.

We previously shared an article with you on why not to throw out silica gel sachets. Today, we have even more great ways to re-use these little sachets, which we are never sure what to do with. Be aware that these sachets do not pose any risk, but it is better to avoid touching the little grains that are inside them (and naturally, never ingest them).

1) The ideal solution for saving a telephone that has gotten wet.

2) Protect your jewelry from humidity

3) Pop them into your gym bag, or even into damp trainers after you’ve been exercising

4) Protect your condiments. Say goodbye to salt sticking together in the kithcen.

5) Place one between important documents to prevent them from getting damaged. You just never know!