11 clever ways to use adhesive hooks

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You may have thought they were only for hanging towels and tea towels… But in fact, adhesive plastic hooks have plenty more tricks up their sleeves! Instead of simply confining them to the kitchen or the bathroom, you can find plenty of other uses for them throughout the house and even in the car, which allows us to use them on a daily basis. Light and practical, these handy little objects can make your life easier in ways you never would have thought possible!

1) Stick one inside the leg compartment in the passenger side of your car to hang your shopping bags or hand bag (and prevent them from spilling everywhere)

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2) Make a hole on either side of the base of a box of tissues and hang it on the wall

The box will no longer be cluttering up your already messy desk!

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3) With two hooks and an elastic band, stop a press door from opening

This is handy if your pets are clever enough to know where the food is kept!

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4) Keep a hook for your keys – you’ll have no more excuses for losing them!

Among the gloves and letters that are cluttering the hall table, lost keys can be a huge waste of time. Hung on the wall, they are much more easily seen.

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5) A great way to store your toothbrushes!

If you are stuck for space around the sink, this is the technique for you!

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6) Stick two beside a socket to make a practical charging station

No more problems with cables that are too short, or with having to leave your phone lying around on the floor.

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