11 ingenious new ways to use elastic bands

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A few months ago, we provided you with an article containing 18 ways to use elastic bands to make your life easier. We thought we had done the rounds of all of the possibilities for using these minuscule and yet incredible little objects. However, we were far from it, and today we have new techniques for putting them to even more effective uses. It’s a good time to remember that even the most ordinary, everyday objects can still pleasantly surprise us. And who doesn’t love that?!

1) Easily differentiate your drinks at a party with coloured elastic bands

Everyone is sure to have accidentally sipped on their neighbour’s gin and tonic instead of their own sparkling water, or tasted a whiskey and coke, when theirs wasn’t supposed to contain any whiskey! Oops!

Credits: trucsetbricolages

2) Reduce the amount of soap that comes out of your dispenser with a small elastic band

Ideal for economising a little (as the dispensers generally release far too much product) and for children who may have a habit of getting a little trigger happy!


3) An elastic band can keep your books well closed in your bag

If you have ever found that your books tend to get damaged in your bag, with the pages creased or destroyed, an elastic band is your best friend.


4) Elastics can also serve as page markers!

Credits: amorascrafts

5) Stop spools of thread from unwinding

Credits: mamabee

6) Perfect for keeping the lid firmly on your saucepan

If you need to transport a casserole, this is sure to come in handy.

Credits: trucsetbricolages

7) With a little elastic band, stop your spoons from slipping into your stews and soups


8) Keep your press doors firmly closed

If you have a pet or curious toddlers in the house, or if the door needs repairing.

9) Rather than buying a new hose, wrap several elastics around it to seal any holes

Credits: instructables

10) Prevent your glasses from slipping by putting some elastic around the legs.

This will help avoid having to put them back in place every two seconds.


11) A plastic tongs, two cloths (or socks) and a few elastic bands and hey presto, you have the perfect tool for cleaning your blinds.

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