12 hygiene errors you could be making in the kitchen

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5) Washing eggs

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We know how tempting it is to wash eggs when you see dirt on the shells, but cleaning can weaken the protective membrane on the shell and creates lesions that can’t be seen with the naked eye. This makes the egg more vulnerable to micro-organisms, which can pass more easily through the shell.

6) Putting hot dishes in the fridge

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When we have heat, we have bacteria developing. A hot dish in the fridge can create condensation and increase the temperature inside your fridge.

7) Deciding that you don’t need to wash organic fruit and veg

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Organic foods can be eaten whole, with the skin included. But although they are organic, they can still have been placed on dirty, germy surfaces, or beside other products which are covered in bacteria. Never forget to rinse fruit and veg, for your own safety. It would be a shame to get sick or food poisoned just because of neglecting this step.

8) Not washing your hands


Most people know how important it is to wash their hands before cooking. Many people are very conscientious, and carefully tie up their hair and wash their hands before they start cooking. This is a good start, but hands need to be washed fairly often throughout the cooking process, especially after touching contaminated foods such as egg shells or raw meat. We often touch these foods and continue following our recipes, contaminating the entire kitchen in the process (the cooking utensils, other foods, containers for spices, etc.). Don’t forget this simple step!