13 tips for using up pickle juice

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Are you one of those people who can never make a sandwich or a burger without adding a few pickles? Many people love their acidic taste and characteristic crunch. But when it comes to using up the juice left in the jar, nobody seems to know what to do! However, it is really very easy to recycle, and it is worth doing so, in order to make sure you are getting every penny’s worth. Are you short on ideas for what to do with it? Not to worry, you are sure to find what you are looking for in this article. 

1) In the case of heartburn, drink a little pickle juice

It may seem odd, but pickle juice is excellent for relieving stomach aches, thanks to its vinegar content, which acts on the pH of the stomach. It also helps ease acid reflux, and if you have vomited, this saline liquid can help your body avoid dehydration.

It’s no wonder pickles are such a hit with pregnant women!

2) Use it to conserve food

The juice is not just there to flavour the pickles, but also to preserve them. Thus, it can also be used to conserve cabbage, hard boiled eggs, onions, cucumbers, etc. A great tip to get a few extra days out of your foodstuffs.

3) Soothe your skin

This juice can soothe your skin in the case of mosquito bites, skin breakouts or itching. Rather than scratching, wipe the area with a cotton ball soaked in pickle juice, and feel the itching disappear. Remember to hydrate the skin afterwards, as the saline mixture can dry out the skin.

And if you like adding pickles to your summer salads, remember that the juice is also excellent for easing sunburn.

4) Say goodbye to muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are a true scourge: painful and unpredictable, we could well do without them! The solution? Drink a few spoons of pickle juice for its considerable potassium content (which relaxes the muscles) and for its electrolytes (to combat dehydration). Many athletes also resort to it to effectively relieve cramps.