15 hair tricks every girl should know

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In the morning, sometimes we do not really have time to do everything : kids, makeup, breakfast…So when it come to hair, it can be all the more complicated. It is sometimes frustrating to notice that your hair is messy but you don’t really have time to play with it and create a nice hairdo. Well, actually some hair tricks could be a way to save the day. For example you can use tame frizz with a toothbrush and hairspray or use dry shampoo overnight to have less oily hair in the morning. Here are 15 other nice hacks to try.

1) If you want to get natural waves, this is an easy technique using a flat iron


2) You could also try this technique for more defined but still natural waves.


3) Use mascara to hide white hair.


4) Squeeze the juice of three lemons and use this juice on your hair during 15 minutes before washing your hair normally.


5) Use aluminum foil to help curl straight hair.