15 tips for a clean and tidy fridge

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In terms of cleaning and tidying, the fridge is not necessarily our top priority. However, it shouldn’t be neglected either. A poorly organised fridge can annoy you every time you open it, and if proper hygiene measures are not followed, it can even be dangerous. You simply need to know these helpful tips….

 1) Cleaning

Credits: Yinan Chen / Wikimedia Commons

Before moving on to how to organise your fridge, it is obviously necessary to complete this step. Empty your fridge and clean it from top to bottom. For the cleaning, spray some white vinegar to the yellow side of your sponge and scrub. White vinegar is an effective, natural and economical solution. If you don’t like the smell, an organic soap can also do the trick.

2) Use of the compartments

In order to reorganise your fridge, you can use the drawers or various sized compartments depending on what you put inside them. The drawers or bins at the bottom are great for organising the space if you separate your foods into categories (meat, sauces, etc.). Don’t hesitate to create a basket or an area for placing food that doesn’t fit into any category.

3) Labelling the compartments

To avoid mixing your products and putting food in a basket in which it doesn’t belong, you can stick labels to each compartment or drawer.

4) The shelves

Don’t forget that the shelves of your fridge are removable, and you can shift them around to suit the products or containers you are storing on them.

5) Fruit and vegetables

Credits: pxhere

Every fridge has a high humidity drawer. This drawer is ideal for storing fruit and veg. If you like, you can even separate your fruit and veg into different storage bags.