15 tips for making your electronic devices last longer

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Electronic devices make up an integral part of all of our daily lives. For certain people, going out without their phone can even cause them anxiety, and spending hours on the computer is part of many of our daily routines, something normal, and that we admit we couldn’t do without. The problem is that these devices are often programmed with built-in obsolescence, meaning they are designed to last only a few short years after they are purchased. But a few bad habits that most of us are guilty of make them even more vulnerable and prone to giving up the ghost even sooner!

To keep your phone, tablet or laptop working for as long as possible, cast an eye over these 15 recommendations. We are sure that even the most technologically advanced grannies don’t known all of them!

Charging the battery

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1) Don’t let your battery drain fully

The best option is to plug your phone in when the battery levels fall to between 10 and 20%.

2) Don’t keep it charging all the time

Contrary to what many people believe, if you leave your device to charge after it reaches 100%, it doesn’t pose any risk to the device, because modern batteries are well made, and don’t take in more energy than necessary (this is what we call the delta peak). It is therefore impossible to “over charge” your device, and leaving your phone to charge overnight does not harm the battery. But don’t keep your phone on charge all the time either! Your battery will last longest if you keep it generally between 40 and 80% charged.

3) Choose your purchases carefully

Avoid buying cheap batteries, because they are generally the poorest quality, and don’t have the same equipment as others. The same goes for chargers that offer rapid charging, which charge your devices in less than an hour. For the safest option for your device and the fastest charging times, use USB cables or the chargers that come with your device, and switch it on to airplane mode (or switch it off completely) during charging.

4) Remove the case or cover

The case can trap in heat and thus overheat the battery, especially during longer charging times. Remove the cover before plugging your device into the charger.

5) Every 3 months, allow the device to fully drain to 0% battery

… and fully recharge it immediately afterwards, to 100%.