15 tips for making your electronic devices last longer

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The temperature also plays a part

Credits: JaneMarySnyder / Pixabay

6) Choose carefully when it comes to where you put your computer

It is not recommended that you place your computer directly on your lap, on a pillow or on a quilt, as this can block the vents and lead to overheating. Don’t hesitate to use a computer support or stand (the best models are those with integrated vents).

7) Watch out for heat sources…

The sun’s rays or even indoor heat sources (such as a radiator) should be keep far away from lithium ion batteries.

8)… and for the cold

When you come in from the cold, don’t switch your device on immediately. Wait until it reaches room temperature. To be fully sure, wait an hour.

9) Outdoors, protect your smartphone from the cold

Keep it in an inner pocket, or an external pocket if it has a case. Avoid using your phone too much when out in the cold, because very cold temperatures are not good for the battery.


Credits: Free-Photos / Pixabay

10) Take care with sunlight

Protect the screen from the sun’s rays. Prolonged exposure can have an effect on the colours and the display could lose quality.

11) Take care of the screen

Be gentle when handling the screen, because it is a very fragile part of the computer. Don’t touch the screen with your fingers (unless it is touchscreen) so as not to leave permanent black marks. Always check that there is nothing stuck to your laptop before closing it, as even a little crumb can cause damage. Finally, when cleaning it, don’t use glass cleaning products, because they contain abrasive products such as ammonia, which are not meant to be used on delicate screens. Go for adapted wipes instead.