15 tips for making your electronic devices last longer

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Voltage variations

Credits: Duesentrieb / Wikimedia Commons

12) In the case of storms, take precautions

It is not a myth: during a storm, you should switch off and plug out your electronic devices (computers, wifi box, etc.). Network filters are a great help for protecting our devices from power surges, but they can’t help you in the case of lightning (millions of gigavolts all at the same time!)

13) If power surges/voltage variations are common in your area

Consider buying an uninterruptible power supply the next time you buy a laptop or other device. This will better protect the device.

Remove dust and dirt

Credits: helloolly / Pixabay

14) If you leave your smartphone lying around everywhere and anywhere, there is sure to be dirt and dust in its ports and components.

Such dirt can cause connection problems and block the ports. To remove it, switch off the phone (very important) and remove the debris with a toothpick covered in a fine, soft, lint-free cloth.

We recommend that you keep one pocket or compartment SOLELY FOR YOUR TELEPHONE in your bag.

15) Remove dust from your laptop once or twice a year

Over time, dust gradually accumulates, your computer starts to make noise and it heats up more quickly. This is why you should remove the dust with a little cleaning! If you don’t know how to do it and are afraid of doing the wrong thing, seek the help of a professional… Professional cleaning will cost less than a repair due to having made a cleaning mistake yourself!


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