16 genius ideas for recycling egg cartons

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Eggs are a staple of most of our diets. They can be used in starters, mains or desserts, and especially in a wide variety of delicious cakes and pastries. But once we’ve eaten them and recycled the shells, we are left with the empty cartons on our hands. But there’s nothing to stop you recycling them too, with a few ideas we are going to share with you below. Say goodbye to waste! 

1) To start with, you can put egg cartons under a laptop that overheats easily!

Credits: OneCrazyHouse

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2) A makeshift paint palette

Credits: Green-Mom

3) Organise your sauces in the fridge by storing them upside down

With this technique, the bottles that are almost empty will be easy to use (no need to bang on the bottom of it and shake like mad to get the sauce out) and less air will get into the bottle, meaning your sauces will keep for longer.

Credits: Pinterest

4) Neatly store any fragile Christmas tree ornaments

Credits:: Hgtv

5) Tear it up and compost it!


5) Use it to start off seed growth

Using egg shells, it’s even easier to transfer them afterwards into an actual pot.

Credits: mystayathomeadventures
Credits: Campamentoterecay

6) Throw a few seeds in for the birds

Credits: Thecreativecubby

7) Make home made firelighters with melted wax and dryer fluff. Ideal for campers!

Credits: 2Thecreativecubby

8) Easily organise your nuts and bolts. Everything has its place!

Credits: campamentoterecay