16 genius ideas for recycling egg cartons

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9) Light a fire with coal in each compartment to start a barbecue. Works a treat!

Credits: lifehacker

10) Everything you need to keep your tablet in place when you’re watching a film, or trying to follow a recipe!

Credits: Instructables

11) The perfect stationery organiser

Credits: WorkingDesigns

12) Your sewing material could also do with a little egg carton organisation!

Credits: Casa.Abril

13) Great for sorting your jewelry (especially rings and earrings)

Credits: Veryfondof

14) Nail varnishes organised and within arm’s reach

Credits: decorationtrend

15) A great way to organise baby socks

Credits: cozybirdhouse

16) For holding your golf balls and carrying them in a handy case!

Credits: Campamentoterecay