16 tips for looking after a child who is sick or has a little bobo

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It breaks our hearts to see our children sick or in tears because they have hurt themselves. Whether it’s a bad cold, or a bad fall, it makes them lose their bright smile and good humour. This is why we would like to share these simple tips with you to help you deal effectively with the situation. 

1) Mix lemon water with honey and freeze it in a yoghurt pot with a small stick

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This will soothe a sore throat and what’s more, it’s tasty!

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2) Using elastic bands, attach two boxes of tissues, one full and one empty one to make a bin

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Your little one will have no more excuses for leaving used tissues lying around -they use them and pop them in the ‘bin’. If you also also stick on a small bottle of hand sanitiser, they can even use it to disinfect their hands.

3) Always have a sick bucket at the ready!


Into which you can put all the essentials to have you ready for a sick child: salty crackers for tummy aches, a clean beaker, some bicarbonate of soda (in case vomit needs to be cleaned up), etc.

4) Freeze chicken stock in an ice cube tray. Once the cubes are frozen, store them all in a freezer bag.

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You’ll only need to heat them up in case they are needed. Quick and easy, a little chicken broth always helps your little ones feel better!