16 tips for looking after a child who is sick or has a little bobo

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9) To keep track of their meds, draw this kind of a table on the pill box

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Be sure to add all the days during which the meds will be taken, and the dosage frequency (for example, morning and evening). Tick each box to see clearly where you are in the course.

10) In the case of  a bad cough, roll a large towel up and put it under the mattress at the head of the bed.

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This will help them to sleep better and cough less.

11) When you apply Vicks Vaporub, have fun designing shapes on their chest and get them to guess what they are.

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You child will love this little game, which will also help them breathe more easily.

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12) Wet a sponge and put it into a freezer bag. This will be perfect for applying to bumps and bruises

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