16 tips for looking after a child who is sick or has a little bobo

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13) Use the same idea, with a mixture of 3 parts water per 1 part rubbing alcohol.

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The mixture will be cold, but not hard, and thus easier and more pleasant to apply. A great way to relieve pain.

14) For liquid medicines that taste horrible, add some syrup or fruit coulis (for example, strawberry) and shake. Delish!

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15) For an ear ache, try this tip using a stuffed sock, heated in a pan or in the microwave

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Fill a sock with coarse salt or chopped onion, and heat it in the microwave. Another nice tip uses heated vegetable oil: you simply need to soak a piece of tissue or cotton wool and insert it into the ear.

All of our natural tips for treating ear infections can be found in this article.

16) Prepare fun games that can be played in bed with the patient

A baking tray can be used to play games with magnets.
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It can also be used for drawing and colouring.
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Let their imaginations go wild, letting them decorate envelopes with stickers or little fancy decorations.
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A dolls hospital with beds made from shoe boxes and small towels will soon have them forgetting that they are feeling poorly. Let them play doctor!
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Don’t hesitate to play these games in the bath if the child has a stuffed nose, so that they can benefit from the steam and the heat. It will do them the world of good.

They can make designs with shaving foam, or even coloured soaps that you make yourself.



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