17 things you can still eat even after the best-before date

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Here is the situation. You’ve just finished eating an expired yogurt and you believe that you are on your last legs or that a third arm is going to grow on your body. Nay, Nay and thrice Nay. Best-before dates have always been unclear but it’s only an estimation of when the premium quality of its product may start to deteriorate. So some products can be kept and eaten after the best-before date. Here are a few examples.

1) Honey


If you store in its original, closed packaging and in a cool, dry place you can use it all your life. The colour or the texture might change over time but you don’t really take any risk. If your honey hardened you can open the jar and put it in warm water.

2) Rice

Brown rice contains more oil than other types of rice so you can’t keep indefinitely unlike all the other types of rice which remain perfect if you keep them in a sealed package. You can even put the opened sachet in your fridge or in your freezer if you want to.

3) Sugar


 No germ or bacteria whatsoever can develop in a sealed sachet, your sugar will keep all its flavour and it won’t harden over time.

4) Chocolate


You can eat your chocolate 2 years after the best-before date.

5) Yogurts


Depending on the type of yogurt, you can eat them from two weeks to three months after the best-before date. If the yogurt contains eggs, you might want to eat it pretty quickly.

6) Vanilla extract


In a cool dry place, away from light, you can keep it indefinitely.

7) Milk

As it is sterilised, you can drink it until two months after the best-before date. Just keep in mind that its nutritional quality will be lessened -it will contain less vitamines and mineral salts.

8) White vinegar

If you keep it away from light in a dry place, your best friend will remain perfect when you do your housework or when you cook.