17 things you can still eat even after the best-before date

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9) Pasta


You can keep them forever and ever. Of course, this doesn’t apply to fresh pasta.

10) Tin cans

Unless you notice any hole or bump, you can use it whenever you want to.

11) Lentils and dry beans


These are dry product so time has no take on them. Just store them properly.

12) Cheese

Even if it looks moldy, you can still eat it. Yetn the taste will be better if you eat it before the best-before date or two weeks after. After two weeks, the texture will be different and the taste will not be quite the same.

13) Cornmeal

You can use it as much as you want to over time.

14) Salt


Salt never really expires. However, you will notice that it ends up solidifying if you don’t keep it in a carefully sealed sachet and in a really dry place.

15) Frozen food

Meat can be keep about 9 months in your freezer. As for other frozen foods, you can keep them indefinitely but the taste won’t be quite the same over time.

16) Ham and salami

You can keep them 2 weeks after the best-before date.

17) Spices


You can keep them as long as you want to but remember that time can make them blander and tone down their strong taste.

18) Maple syrup

It can’t expire but you might want to keep it in your fridge after opening it or put it in the freezer to allow it to keep its amazing taste.