19 genius hacks you need to know if you have children

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7) Holding cotton ball or a piece of kitchen paper will help your child learn to hold a pencil correctly

Credits: preschoolforayear

8) Tired of your children stealing your snacks?

Your children always seem to find where you have hidden the snacks, and they pinch them as soon as your back is turned. However, hiding them in a less appetising wrapper (such as a bag of frozen vegetables) is sure to fool them! Storing them in the freezer will make them even harder to find.

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9) Have you misplaced something? Turn it into a treasure hunt where the children’s mission is to find it!

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10) Do your kids have the habit of never finishing their lollipops? Keep them for later with the shell of a Kinder surprise!

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11) A little paint in a well sealed transparent bag, taped to the window, will keep your little artists busy for hours

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12) A gym ball is a great way to get them to work on their posture and learn how to sit correctly

It can also help hyperactive children to concentrate.

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