19 genius hacks you need to know if you have children

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13) Is their dolls’ hair in a catastrophic state? Give them salon treatment with a little washing up liquid to wash it, some conditioner afterwards and a good brush.

Credits: tricia

14) A necklace threaded with pieces of cereal will keep your little ones busily snacking while you do the grocery shopping in peace.


15) Stick a second empty tissue box next to the full one, to encourage your kids to put the used ones in the slot


16) A little DIY trick with liquid glue can avoid mess (and your tables and floors will thank you)

Soak a simple sponge in liquid glue and slip it into an airtight tupperware container. You child will only have to press down on the sponge with their piece of paper to make it sticky. All you have to do is remember to top up the glue every now and again.


17) Possibly the best storage system for small toys and arts and crafts materials

Everything is full visible and within arm’s reach (leave the least important pieces higher up, such as spares, or things you don’t want them touching without your supervision, such as paints, etc.).

Kids activities blog & Design-homes
Credits: Kids activities blog & Design-homes

18) Ah, long car journeys! When children love to fight and bicker in the back seat….

Here is a great way to avoid fights and arguments:

Credits: Jake White

19) A visual way of learning fractions