2 easy ways to remove pet hair from your clothes

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You may be fed up with pet hair but there are few things you can do to prevent that. Of course brushing your animal regularly is important because it removes a lot of hair. But when you already have hair stuck on your clothes, what can you do about it? Here are 2 techniques that really work and remove hair really quickly.

1) Rubber gloves

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Rub your clothes -or basically any surface- with your glove until you create a nice hairball. Then you can throw it away. Some people humidify the glove before using it but it already does wonders when it is dry!

2) Old tights

Illustration: One Good Thing by Jillee

Old tights can be recycled to remove pet hair as if by magic thanks to it synthetic material which really helps to detach pet hair. Rub the fabric with your tights and create a hairball that you can easily throw away.