2 grandmothers remedies against shortness of breath

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Do you feel congested, and  short of breath? Do you find it difficult to breathe? Here is a way to reduce congestion in a natural way!

You will need:

– thyme

– rosemary

– honey

– lemon

– ravintsara essential oil

–  tea tree essential oil

–  lavender essential oil

How to do it?

1/ Allow a box of several branches of thyme and rosemary to infuse for 3 minutes in 1L of boiling water. Add two soup spoons of honey and the juice of a lemon. Mix  it all together, filter and drink it hot. You can consume this infusion 3 times a day maximum.

2/ Mix 3 drops of ravintsara essential oil and lavender into the equivalent of a soup spoon of vegetable oil (sweet almond oil, olive, soya etc…). Mix and allow it to rest for 1/2 a day. Then apply this mixture onto the inner side of your wrists, as well as the front and back of your ribs. Repeat the operation morning and night.

Be careful! These tips are indicative and so don’t hesitate to get the advice of a professional.