2 tips for getting rid of bedbugs

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Bedbugs are little parasites  which have been around for quite sometime and which nourish mainly at night on human blood. They leave red marks and itching on our body, notably on open areas such as the arms, legs and face. Here are two tips for you to get rid of them!

What you’ll need :

-diatomaceous earth

– water

– lemon

– lavendar

What to do?

1/ Fill a container with diatomaceous earth and place it beneath your bed.  This powder will make the bedbugs run away and those which are more courageous will be wounded and will perish!

2/ Mix 1,5L of water, the juice of 2 lemons, 2 teaspoons of lavendar essential oil. Spray everywhere where you suspect the parasites are to be found. Permeate 2 times/per day for 15 minutes in order for it to be effective.