3 easy tips to fix food that is too salty

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Even the most competent of cooks can make a mistake and over season their dish. And as you may know, seasoning is integral to the success of a dish. However many people just don’t know what to do if their food is too salty or spicy. Well, don’t panic! We’ve got your back with these easy tips to reduce that salty taste if you’ve been a little too heavy.

With a potato

1) Peel the potato.

2) Slice it in half and add these pieces in your dish while it is still simmering.

3) The potato will absorb the salt while cooking. Once it is ready, you can remove the potato.

If you don’t have any potato, you can use stale bread instead.


1) Put a sugar cube in a spoon.

2) Dive your spoon onto your liquid preparation.

3) Wait a moment and withdraw the spoon right before your sugar cube has time to melt.

Des fruits ou de la crème fraîche Fruits or cream (crème fraîche)

If your dish allows you to add fruits such as apples or crème fraîche, it could really soften the taste.