3 natural remedies in order to keep bees away

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Do you have too many bees in your garden and do they prevent you from making the most of your exterior? Here are 3 tips which help to keep them away without affecting them.

1/ Burn incense in your house or onto your outside terrace, wasps and bees will be bothered by this smell and they wont bother you!

2/ Use geranium essential oil: either in a diffuser in your habitat or directly onto your skin by mixing 1 drop of geranium essential oil in 10 drops of vegetable oil. Apply it next onto the parts of your body which are generally exposed to stings. Repeat this action every 4h.

3/ Mix 1L of water with 10ml of organic liquid soap, 20 ml of sweet almond oil, 10 to 20 gr of baking soda and 2 pods of crushed garlic. Allow it to absorb the mixture for 2 days. Filter. You can then spray your plants. Leave it to react for 30 min and then rinse the leaves in clear water.