Here are 3 physical activities which burn the most calories

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No need to invest in expensive sports equipment  or in a subscription to a gym in order to access sports which consume and burn a maximum of calories in a bit of time. Here is a list of three physical exercises accessible for everyone.

Firstly :

Running, burns about 800 calories per hour.

After a good little warm up which includes stretching and breath awakening and regulating heart beat, it is time to go for a run. Concentrate on your breathing during the exercise in order to be less tired quickly and to feel the benefits of the exercise around your abdominal belt.

Secondly :

The skipping rope burns about 700 calories per hour.

No excuse to avoid this exercise: it requires a small investment and can be practiced from home. Particularly interesting for the breathing and cardiac rhythm  this exercise will help you be in good condition in general.

Thirdly :

Cycling, burns between 600and 850 calories per hour..

The variations depend on which type of cycling is practiced. It is apparent that cycling on a flat surface or in town is not as vigorous as mountain biking.

If you have the possibility, squash or rowing can also burn a lot of energy but it requires material and a subscription which is not always accessible for everyone.

If the motivation is not always there, accompany yourself with music. Good luck!