3 tips to cleanse your liver

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Whether it has been a heavy party season or the occasional binge drink, you sometimes feel the need to cleanse the body and remove any toxins from the essential organ: the liver. 

Remedy n°1 :Infusion of Rosemary

Gather some dried rosemary. Infuse 15g in 1litre of boiling water for 15minutes. Filter and drink a few glasses during the day.

The rosemary will increase the secretion of bile, which will help the liver function at its best… as a filter.

Remedy n°2 : Dandelion decoction

Get dried dandelion roots. Use a quantity of 2g of dried roots for 150ml of water, which you will drink after decoction, several times a day.

Dandelion also stimulates the production of bile and eliminates toxins which prevents the liver  from filtering properly.

Remedy n°3 : Infusion of artichoke leaves

Grab 20g of artichoke leaves. Infuse them for 15 minutes in 1ltrs of water. Drink several cups during the day.

The artichoke is considered the best cure to help the liver function. It stimulates the production of bile which helps eliminate liver toxins.

We recommend sourcing the ingredients from a organic producer. If your body is in need of a cleanse, no need to add extra pesticides!