3 Tips to combat flu this winter!

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You aren’t ill yet but you want to get through this winter without catching the flu or you’re currently suffering from a cold and need some help to beat it? Here are a few tips to get you healthy.

1. Use thermal sulfar spraying water in the nose. A spray in each nostril, morning and evening will allow you to repair your nasal cavity, damaged by infections.

2. Take an echinacea cure. This plant stimulates immune defenses and to help fight infections that affect the ears and throat. Take it for 15 days at the beginning of each month, in pill form or drops.

3. If your loved ones or colleagues are suffering from a cold , protect yourself by breathing in the essential oil of Ravensara. Pour a drop into a handkerchief during the day or on your pillow at night.

By doing these little tricks regularly, it will help you stay healthy this winter.