3 tips on how to get straighter hair naturally

beauty woman with long hair
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Here are a few ideas to get straighter hair naturally without using heat. Indeed, using a straightener is the best solution to get straight hair but it causes a lot of damage whereas these tips don’t damage the hair. If you have really curly hair, you will need to try these several times before getting a good result. So you have to use these ingredients regularly to notice an incredible difference.

1) Rice cooking water.

It’s the starch contained by rice and released as it is cooked that can really help to strengthen and tidy your hair while making it shine. You can use it as a mask and spray it on your hair. Let it set for about one hour and then wash your hair with you shampoo as you would normally do.

2) Broccoli oil

It does wonders on frizzes and little curls. It will make it easier to brush your hair and get rid of knots while making your hair shine. You can use it before your shampoo as a mask.

3) Coconut oil

It gives a nice exotic smell to your hair and it nourishes the hair fiber. Doing so, it will also straighten it. If your hair isn’t dry or kinky, it might be too nourishing for your root but you can still use it on the botton of your hair. Use it as a mask before the shampoo.