3 Tips to make the best use out of your candles

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Lighting candles in your home, creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere and can have their disadvantages, some of which can put you off from using them. Here are the 3 tips to make the best use out of your candles.

Increase your candles life span:

  • Before using your candles, place it in the freezer for a few hours. It will burn slower and reduce wax dripping.

Adjust the diameter of the candle to my candle holder:

  • If you candle is too big to fit inside your holder, dip the base into very hot water and then push into the holder. The base of the candle will adapt better to the size of the holder.

What to do with the left overs:

  • You can of course throw them away, but if you don’t like wastage, keep them and make a firelighter. Poor into a egg carton, and once lit it will burn for a long time to get your fire going.

You no longer need to hesitate before lighting your candle…

– Illustration : Clara Giraud