4 effective plants to fight against hypertension

Black tonometer and heart isolated on white
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Multiple mediations are proposed on the market to fight against hypertension. If you wish to prevent hypertension or to reduce your dependance on medicine think of several plants which have already shown their efficacy in the treatment of hypertension. 

  • Red vine leaf, in an ampoule or herbal tea infusion have shown their efficacy against chronic venous insufficiency. By improving the circulation of blood in the body, the heart does not have to over exert itself.
  • The extract of raisin seeds calm the  heart rate.
  • Black currant is a vasodilator and a hypotensor. Consume it in the form of juice or in an herbal tea infusion of the leaves
  • The berries and the blueberry leaves fight against venous insufficiency.

These tips complement but do not replace the advice of a professional doctor.