4 great remedies to fight against hair loss

Hair loss problem
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Hair loss is a nightmare for many people. Of course aging doesn’t really help because the hair doesn’t grow as fast and evenly as it used to. Despite everything, some people are faced with problems which impacts on their hair such as various deficiencies. These 5 natural remedies will allow you to reduce hair loss.

1) Brewer’s yeast

It is really rich in B vitamins and it is one of the most common treatment against hair loss. However the result can be visible more or less quickly depending on people. Some people see the difference 6 days after starting the treatment and for some people it takes weeks to see a difference.


Thrice a day, add 2g of brewer’s yeast in your food. It can be use as a powder, as tablets, flakes and so on. Pick your favorite form.

2) Cedarwood essential oil


Essential oils can stimulate hair growth naturally. The best one has to be the cedarwood essential oil.


Once a week, massage a few drops of cedarwood essential oil onto your scalp for 5 minutes. Then, wash your hair with your shampoo as you would normally do. Do that for about 3 weeks maximum.

This treatment shouldn’t be used by pregnant women.

3) Magnesium

Anxiety can cause hair loss and one way of fighting effectively this is to use magnesium.


Eat food that contains a lot of magnesium like chocolate, wholegrain cereals or nut.

4) Nettle


Nettle stimulates the scalp and the leaves contain a lot of B vitamins, trace elements and minerals such as magnesium or iron.


Boil a litre of water and add 4 tablespoons of nettle leaves. Let brew for 10 minutes and apply this onto your scalp. You can do this twice a day. There are also pills at your chemist’s.