4 simple tips to make the best and healthiest smoothies

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Nowadays everyone seems to be swearing by smoothies. And although it’s an understandable trend (they are cooling, easy to make and really tasty), we shouldn’t forget that in order to ensure they are healthy, we need to watch what goes into them! By following the advice below, you will end up with smoothies that are high in flavour, but also very healthy and easy to prepare. Get ready to bust hunger and thirst, without losing any time! 

1) Make the right choice for your base

Credits: Flickr/Phú Thịnh Co

The mistake many people make is to start with a fruit juice, believing it to be healthy (although fruit juices are very high in sugar), or start with water (ending up with a smoothie that is not thick enough and that has no ‘soul’!)

In order to avoid using a base that is too high in sugar, without sacrificing on taste, sugar-free coconut milk or nut based milks are ideal. Other healthy options are coconut water, 2% fat milk (if you can eat dairy) or kefir. It all depends on your personal taste.

2) Add a few handfuls of leafy greens

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Alternate your plants to enjoy their various benefits. Kale is a smoothie classic, but spinach, chard, watercress or dandelion leaves can also provide taste and nutrition, even if we tend to forget about them when we are making a smoothie.

3) Add healthy fats

We often think to add protein, but we can forget about healthy fats. However, this helps with a feeling of lasting fullness, not to mention the delicious flavour it adds! If you like to fill up using smoothies, you will definitely love adding healthy fats such as half an avocado, coconut meat, whole fat greek yoghurt, unsweetened nut butters, coconut oil, MCT oil or two Brazilnuts.

4) A sharper taste with a few surprising extras

By following the previous tips, you will end up with a very healthy smoothie. To make it even tastier and more nutritious, consider adding spirulina or cacao, without adding sugar (for increased antioxidants), hemp seeds (for protein), or chia seeds (for fibre), or even bee pollen. Spices can also add taste and colour. In short, experiment with little extras to boost your smoothie and make it even healthier. Why should we restrict such ingredients to our main dishes?


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