With 4 slices of tomato on a bucket of dirt, he gets unbelievable results

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Supermarket tomatoes are nothing like “real” fresh tomatoes from a garden. Now, the whole process can demotivate people who believe that gardening is difficult and long (and let’s be honest, we may sometimes be quite lazy). Well actually, it is easier than you think to grow tomatoes at home and you could get amazing result quickly without necessarily need a big garden. Moreover, you can try this at home if you have overripe tomatoes in your fridge. Instead of throwing these tomatoes away, try to grow tomato seedlings out of them!

What you’ll need :

  • A pot
  • Some soil (compost)
  • One tomato

Step by step :

1) Cut a few slices of tomato (in this case, four).

2) Throw the slices onto your pot.

3) Throw potting soil and/or compost over the tomatoes to cover them barely.

4) Water the pot sporadically. Avoid under-watering or over-watering.

5) In 7-14 days, you will probably have 50-60 tomato seedlings. Pull out the larger seedlings and plant them in another pot.

Video by The Wannabe Homesteader :