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4 techniques for removing unpleasant odours from your hands (garlic, onions, shallots, etc.)

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Cooking is one of life’s pleasures, at least until we realise that there are certain odours that don’t seem to want to leave us afterwards. The ideal is to wash your hands immediately so that the odours don’t have the time to seep in, but when you get lost in following your recipes, you don’t always take the time to do so. Bringing your hands close to your face becomes unpleasant, and it reminds us of the unbearable smell that has stuck to our skin, after having chopped an onion, shallots or some garlic. 

After having shared a few techniques with you on how to peel several cloves or garlic at once, how to perfectly chop an onion, and how to do so without crying, today our mission is to provide you with all the techniques we know for getting rid of odours from your hands.

1) Bicarbonate of soda

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Run your hands under water and cover them with bicarbonate of soda, which you use to give your hands a good scrub. The bicarbonate of soda will gently exfoliate your hands (who could say no to soft hands?) and most importantly, it naturally deodorises your hands and removes unpleasant odours. You simply need to rinse your hands afterwards and you’re done!

2) The blade of a knife

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Rinse the blade of the knife you have just used for chopping. Rub your fingers along the blade, under the water, being careful not to cut yourself. It’s strange, but this works very well, and means you don’t have to resort to using other products. For those who are worried about cutting themselves, be aware that this also works with a stainless steel spoon or a stainless steel sink.

3) Toothpaste

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Replace your usual soap or washing up liquid for washing your hands with toothpaste. Contrary to soap, toothpaste works wonders for washing your hands, and is great for fighting odours.

4) Citrus fruits

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Rub your hands with lemon juice or with the pulp of an orange.