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4 tips to style unruly hair

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You wake up to the shock of finding unruly strands of hair…… How do you rectify the matter?

1. Flatten the unruly strand

Apply hair spray to the rebellious strand and then flatten it with a brush against your scalp. At the same time use your hair dryer whilst brushing it.

2. Blow dry your hair

Apply a hairstyling mouse onto your strand and proceed to blow dry with the help of a round brush and a hair dryer.

3. Use it to your advantage

If the above tips are not useful, there is one more solution, accept your strand! Even if it doesnt please you at first you can use it to your own advantage! Use it to make a fringe or a side parting. All you have to do is follow its movement.

Alternatively leave your hair to grow so as to allow the strand to dissapear with time.