5 ingenious ways of using up every last drop of your products

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Not long ago, we spoke to you about using up cosmetic products that you don’t like, by coming up with new uses for them. However, we can sometimes find ourselves in the opposite situation, where we simply love a product and can’t get enough of it. Although the container may not be completely empty, those last few drops can be very difficult to get at in order to use them up. Often, our only option is to throw them out, with great regret, cursing impractical packaging. But before resorting to this option, try out the simple techniques we are proposing today, in addition to the good habit of storing your products upside down.

1) Replace pumps with simple bottle caps that fit.

Pumps are often not quite long enough to reach the base of a bottle, or they can prematurely give up the ghost. By replacing them, you will no longer be dependent on how well they work.

Credits: thekrazycouponlady

2) If the pump appears not to reach the bottom, use a vinyl tube to add the few necessary extra centimeters.

Credits: Youtube/Mindyourdecisions

3) You can also remove the pump and seal the hole with plastic and strong glue.

Credits: Instructables

4) Necessity is the mother of all invention: cut the bottle in two and pour the contents into a jar or pot.

Credits: thekrazycouponlady

5) A very simple solution that doesn’t require any DIY is to put the bottle into hot water to make the product more liquid.

And notice how much easier it comes out!

Credits: thekrazycouponlady


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