5tips to avoid drops in blood pressure

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The drop in blood pressure is also called hypotension which is to say a too low blood pressure on the arterial wall. This provokes fainting, nausea and fatigue. Follow these 5 granny tips in order to stabilise yourself!

  • Take showers by alternating between hot and cold water
  • Wear support stockings in case you have pronounced varcose veins
    • Eat balanced meals: dont skip the salt (not too much) drink at least 2 to 3 L of liquid: mineral water rich in sodium, coffee, and herbal or fruit tisanes (grapefruit, rosemary, black tea, liquorice, sage etc….)
  • Pour 2 drops of peppermint essential oil under the tongue, twice a day. Its balancing properties will stimulate your body and your spirit.
  • Practise a regular physical activity (bicycle,hiking, gymnastics, swimming)

In times of a crisis:

  • Lie down and raise your legs to 45°. Breathe deeply. You can if you need apply a cold cloth onto your forehead or neck.

Be careful! These tips are indicative and one must not hesitate to consult a doctor.