6 natural remedies to help you to fight against headache

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Even if headaches do not last for a long time, they are always annoying because you just can’t ignore the pain. It prevents you from working and living properly. Sometimes, they even last for hours and it makes it even more complicated to stand it. Here are amazing remedies you might want to try, espacially if you suffer from headaches regularly.

1) Cloves and black tea

Prepare a strong black tea and add a few crushed cloves to the preparation. Thanks to the tea, your blood pressure will be reduced and the clove will also help by adding its amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

2) Mint

Prepare an infusion with mint tea or a few leaves of fresh mint and breathe the steam created by the warm brew. You can use a towel to make it even easier to smell the freshness of mint.

3) Ginger infusion

Fresh, thinly sliced root ginger in boiling water could help you to create a nice infusion. Wait 5 minutes and filter. It is an incredible anti-inflammatory and it’s warming action will relieve your pain.

4) A nice relaxing footbath

Prepare a warm footbath and relax as long as necessary. This will diminish the blood pressure in your head by activating the blood circulation in your feet. You could even add mustard for a strong headache.

5) Eat almonds

This is an incredible snack and you only need to eat about 10 or 15 almonds to fight your headache. They contain salicin which is the same type of analgesic than what you generally find in aspirin.

6) Thyme infusion

Use fresh thyme to prepare an infusion and drink it.