6 techniques for removing the cap from a bottle without a bottle opener

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Some people couldn’t possibly imagine a party without bottles of beer or soft drinks. So in order for your get-togethers among friends or family to go smoothly, you need your fridge well stocked with drinks. But what do you do when you realise you don’t have a bottle opener, and that this one tool is the only thing keeping your party from being a success?! The answer: get crafty! Forget about opening bottles with your teeth, that’s far too dangerous. In this article, we have 6 techniques to help you open a bottle with what you have around you. 

And if it’s a bottle of wine you need to open, we also have a tip for how to do so with a key.

1) Take a spoon and use it as a lever to remove the cap.

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2) Don’t have a spoon to hand? Well if you’re wearing a belt around your waist, the buckle can also work as a lever.

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3) A key that you wiggle between the cap and the bottle could make it easier to open.

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4) A screwdriver can also be used to remove the cap from the bottle.

DIY fans may never have suspected that their favourite tool could be used in this way!

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5) The hammer technique: place the rim of the cap on top of the hammer, and grasp the bottle neck and the handle of the hammer together in your hands. Raise your hands and bring the hammer down suddenly on to the ground. The shock created when the hammer hits the ground will jolt the bottle cap off.

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6) Have you ever noticed that the latch of the door looks a little like a bottle opener? This is probably one of the best tools you have to open that bottle.

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