7 tips to soothe carpal tunnel syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a well known condition that affects people who carry out repetitive mechanical tasks (through their work, computer use, sport, playing music, etc.). This problem affects three times more women than men, but nobody is immune to it. It occurs due to compression of the median nerve as it goes through the wrist at the carpal tunnel, and the problems can spread to the hands and arms, leading to: loss of strength (weakness), tingling, numbness and intense pain. Here are a few techniques for easing this pain. 

1) A good massage

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Prepare a mixture of 4 drops of wintergreen, three drops of arnica vegetable oil and 3 drops of St. John’s wort oil. Massage the thumb, wrist and forearm areas with this mixture.

You can also mix 2 or 3 drops of peppermint essential oil mixed with 1 dessertspoon of sweet almond oil. Add 2 or 3 drops of wintergreen essential oil and massage it well in.

2) Hot or cold

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Make a compress with ice cubes wrapped in a fine cloth and apply it to the painful area for around ten minutes. Repeat every hour. This will effectively reduce inflammation.

In certain people, heat can also provide relief, but you should test it out beforehand in order to ensure that it doesn’t only make things worse, by increasing pressure in the area. Before going to bed, bathe your hands and wrists in lukewarm or hot water for 10 minutes.

3) For painful, stiff fingers

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Soothe stiff, sore fingers with red tiger balm.

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4) Clay poultice

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We have already shared several uses for clay with you, in terms of both health and beauty, but it can also help with carpal tunnel syndrome. Several times a day, apply a thick layer of warm clay to a tissue or a compress and apply it to your wrist.  Leave it on for a minimum of 15 minutes (with 1 hour being the ideal).