7 ways to treat psoriasis at home naturally

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Psoriasis is a really common persistant skin condition that can affect anyone. It means that your cells grow faster than normal (i.e. within days rather than weeks). Dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface and you end up with patches of red, dry, itchy skin which typically occurs on the knees, on the elbows or the scalp where there are plaques of scales or crust and it can also affect the torso, the palms and the soles of the feet. It can sometimes be painful especially if it is associated with psoriatic arthritis and swellings in the joints. Thankfully, the skin can be relieved by loads of natural remedies that are not necessarily expensive and that really do work.

1) A sodium chloride (salt) therapy


A French surgeon during Wolrd War I discovered that sodium chloride could help to fight infections and increase the power of white blood cells. It can really improve the radiance of the skin. For example, you could add a handful of coarse salt in your bath.

2) Shea butter


You can apply it directly onto your skin and especially on your wounds to relieve the pain.

3) Banana skin


It can treat outbreaks on the skin and relieve itching. You just need to rub it gently on the psoriasis plaque to reduce the itching. It also helps the skin to heal.

4) Argan Oil


It is rich in vitamine E which is incredible on the skin and it also works as an antioxidant which can do wonders for your skin. So you can use it as much as you like on your skin.

5) Aleppo soap


It restores the hydro lipid film of the skin and it protects the skin. It is amazing on any sensitive skin and especially for people who suffer from psoriasis. Use this soap to wash your body, it is so softening and antiseptic that you’ll love it.

6) Black cumin oil


This plant is little know and yet, it is absolutely fantastic and it has a lot of properties. It is an interesting oil for the skin because it can exfoliate and nourish without being too harsh on the skin. It is excellent for any skin infection such as psoriasis.

7) Aloe Vera


Aristotle and Hypocrates used to love this plant because they knew how healing it was. It is composed of a good amount of enzymes which really facilitate cell regeneration. So it could make a difference on your skin.